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Let’s Talk Mental Health, because Saylahvee

*disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links and mental health triggers… and it will definitely contain curse words, hard truths, hope, inspiration, and love

I’m Michelle, the girl behind the screen of saylahvee. Think of me as your mental health big sister slash best friend slash guide out of the depths of mental health, depression, and anxiety struggles.

I’ve struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember (which tbh, what I can remember isn’t very much because I have very few memories from before I was 24, but that’s a story for another day). I’m 31 now and I am proud to say that I actually WANT to be alive and I’m EXCITED to get out of bed everyday; two things that I never thought would EVER happen. And now, these might seem like pretty simple and no-duh-why-are-you-proud parts of life, but if you find these two things simple and you’re asking yourself why they are so hard… this blog probably is not for you. 

About a year ago, I came out of a very very deep state of long-term clinical depression after years and years of hard work and struggle. It was like a big veil came off of the entire world and I was finally able to see. Everything went from gray to color, from heavy to light, from scary to enticing. It was a whole world I have never seen and honestly never even believed existed.

Why start a mental health blog now?

My goal and hope with this blog is to prove to the person struggling and stuck in the thick of the ick that getting to the point of loving and wanting life is possible, as well as support you on your journey to getting there and staying there. Disclaimer: I am NOT saying all of life will be sunshine and rainbows. You will cry, you will get sad, and you will have to work hard every day… but it is possible to actually want to push through the icky feelings rather than lay down and die. Say-lah-vee! 

And right about now you’re probably asking yourself ‘WHO the heck even are you, Michelle, and WHY the heck should I listen to a word you have to say?’

Well, I’m gonna give it to you straight – I’m not a mental health professional, I’m not a life coach, I’m not even clinically educated in anything I’m going to talk about on this blog. I’m just a girl who got dealt a shit hand, struggled really hard with major depression, spent more time than I would have liked in and out of mental hospitals, and somehow managed to come out on the other side.

I thought sharing my story and learnings could help someone else who needs it.

Oh, and I guess if we’re being reallyyyyy honest with each other about why I’m starting this blog right now… I just got fired from my job (another story for another day) and have a bunch of time and energy that needs to be channeled somewhere. Instead of spiraling into a depression and sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided to take control of this blessing of being given time and do something good with it.

I’ve been wanting to start say-lah-vee for a few months now but it just hasn’t felt right and I haven’t felt ready. For some reason, getting fired was exactly what I needed to start writing and I couldn’t feel more like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

What to expect from say-lah-vee + what to do next:

You can expect posts from me on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s (though I’m not making any hard promises here #keepingitreal). I am going to write informative, inspirational, and vulnerable posts that have some sort of overarching mental health theme with the hopes of supporting and inspiring you. Though we’ll be talking through some heavy stuff, it’s gonna stay light, funny, and probably weird because that’s just my style and who I am as a person. Struggling with mental health is already dark and heavy, so we’re gonna to pivot and shake things up a bit. 


Next Steps:

I thought it could be helpful to share some of my favorite posts on the blog to get you rolling. Check these out and don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!

Need more resources? These are some of my go-to’s when it comes to mental health:

Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741

Better Help Therapy

visit here

Headspace App

download here

The Tribe Wellness Community

join here

saylahvee, Michelle
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saylahvee is a blog with mental health related rants, rambles, advice, information, and inspiration for the fighter who is fighting the hard fight against depression and anxiety and is in need of good laughs and ugly cries to help feel a little less lonely while learning to navigate the world of mental health and this crazy thing we call life.

    Posted at 16:59h, 15 October Reply

    I love your energy and your honesty! I feel like you are going to be very helpful to so many people!!!

    • saylahvee
      Posted at 10:26h, 06 November Reply

      Thanks so much, Amanda 🙂

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