C’est La Vie

pronounced: (say-lah-vee)

Such. Is. Life.

There’s something beautiful and freeing about just accepting life. C’est la vie! Saylahvee is a lighthearted, sorta sassy, kinda funny mental health blog. This little nook of the Internet is where we’re gonna have real chats about life and mental health.


We’re gonna find inspiring ways to keep pushing and fighting, we’re going to learn skills to cope with and overcome our mental health struggles, and we’re going to laugh and have fun while we do it… because life is hard and shit happens. saylahvee! 


Whether you’re in the thick of a depressive season and need a friend, or on your way out of the dark and want inspiration to get you all the way to the light, saylahvee is for you! 


Let’s navigate #mentalhealth and living our best life together! C’est la vie.

welcome to say-lah-vee, a blog for mental health

…mental health advocate, survivor of depression, and the girl behind the screen of say-lah-vee. Think of me as your virtual mental health bestie. 

#RealTalk, I’ve struggled with depression and lived in darkness for as long as I can remember, but I finally found the light of life and a desire to live somewhere during the summer of 2021, and I want to share this gift with you too. I never thought wanting to live and genuinely being excited for tomorrow was an actual real thing, but I am here to tell you it is absolutely a thing and I’m gonna show you how to do it. 


Say-lah-vee is my digital diary full of rants, rambles, advice, information, and inspiration for the fighter fighting the hard fight against depression and anxiety and is looking for good laughs and ugly cries to help feel a little less lonely and a lot more motivated while learning to navigate the world of mental health and this crazy thing we call life. 


Cozy up in your favorite nook with a yummy snack, refreshment of choice, and probaby a dog to snuggle with.. and get ready for lots of rants, run on sentences, curse words, laughs, cries, hard truths, and inspiration to live the life that you deserve.

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oh, and I pinky promise to never ever spam you!

you can't stop thee waves but you can learn to surf - jon kabat-zinn

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